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Lanyard with keyrings TRI KEY
                                                                            can be found on page 159

          Ballpoint pen SWAY   can
        be found on page 020


                       Promotional items galore!
                      Compact, clearly arranged and full of ideas! Our catalogue
                      2018 is as exciting as a hot-off -the-press magazine and turns
                      every page into an eyecatcher. On more than 532 pages, we
                      present bestsellers, witty gadgets and many novelties. Our
                      TOPICO premium products complete this unique collection.
                      Of course our promotional items have a generous printing
                      area so that your advertising messages are the ultimate
                      eye-catcher. To make sure that your campaign reaches
                      every target, we arrange the ideal placement on the product
                      together with you. There are diff erent kinds of finishing
                      techniques and we are happy to advise you.
                      We off er promotional items that sweep your customers off
                      their feet!
                      Please enjoy discovering our ideas for 2018.
                      Let us inspire you!
                      Your Promotion Tops Team

            Key ring TEAMPLAYER   can
          be found on page 165

                                                                                 Umbrella PANORAMIC   can
                                                                               be found on page 322

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